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About Us.

Soft, sensitive on the inside and powerful on the outside. As reflected in the attire. Extremely comfortable and soft attire that gives a good fashion statement on the outside. Good quality and style is what we  provide to customers. Empowering confidence and adding a soft touch in the world of retail.


Soft. is a brand that aims to provide its customers with a variety of products in a satisfactory manner. The vision is to grow in the market and provide a diverse set of products, unique in industry. The products are inclusive of different clothing items. The vision is to become first preference in comfort wear and the best in the retail market. Mission is to serve quality, quantity and exclusive products, representing itself as a soft unique brand. Providing new and better, ongoing trends and demand. The objective is to provide an opportunity for consumers from anywhere in South Africa to have access to the products. It is to satisfy its consumers from a diverse and unique perspective. The goal is to attract feasible and valuable customers. With a clear set vision, mission and objective, the brand will grow and remain consistent in its cycle.

The concept of ‘Soft.’ emphasizes the image and feel that our products want to exude. The fashion element of the brand is specific to winter fashion, in which it provides convenience and warmth. It is made with materials that are soft in texture and thick in quality. Trust us with greater comfort and drip.

The woman behind the design. Thank you for taking time to show your support. I aim to give you the best quality, style and my best work. 

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K Radebe

For General Enquiries


Direct Message Instagram : @softclothingza

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